versiunea in romana


Vrancea area is located on the south eastern Romania, on a crossroad between the historical provinces of Moldova, Tara Romaneasca and Transylvania, and the first historical attestation is back to 1431.

In literature we find the area as the home of Miorita ballade culled in 1853 by Alecu Russo on the mountain village of Soveja.

This area had fully contributed to the completion of Romanian history book starting with Stefan cel Mare battles, supported by Vrancioasa's suns, up to the grim fights which took place here in the First and Second World Wars.

The county residence is the town of Focsani located on the Milcov river banks, a river which once divided the Romanian brothers and were they were dancing hand in hand the Hora Unirii - Romanian round Union dance after Moldova and Tara Romaneasca reunited. To remember this historical event which took place in our area in 1859 the date of January 24th is being celebrated every year and the highest Romanian officials were present.

Vrancea is also well known from the economical point of view and also from the tectonically plates' movement which produce earthquakes almost regularly.

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